Greek language available

The first version of the Greek language pack is available for downlaod. It is community translated by Transifex.

Version 1.0.4 published

A minor bugfix release was necessary to take care of two issues.


# frontend views showed only 20 result entries
# portrait view showed "class" instead of the class name

Version 1.0.3 published


# time handling in results does not map the time to an integer value anymore
# athletes default class is now stored in backend
# "Save as copy..." in administrator views corrected due to incorrect checkout handling
# some data field types changed in all tables (checkout)

Added Features

+ Installation routine adapted to Joomla! standards

Removed Features

- Season view in frontend temporarily removed because of incomplete development
- Stagerace view in frontend temporarily removed because of incorrect time handling

Miscellaneous changes

~ LiveUpdate preparation started


Update in preparation

After publishing the version 1.0.2 a few testers encountered some problems.

Save as copy...

In certain setups of the Joomla! installation it could happen that only "Save as copy..." was provided as possible action when editing a record. This bug is identified and will be taken care of in the next release.

Athlete view

The athlete view does not show correct result tables depending on certain filter criteria. 

Time handling

Times in results are not stored in the correct format. A change here requires modifications to the table structure. An improvement will not be implemented in the next release but put on-hold.

Incomplete translation files

Several texts are added and provided for translation via Transifex.


How it's made...



 Showcase setup

Get detailed instructions to replicate the showcase views.